Yale Ties First in U1800 at Columbia

Yale's two teams.

Yale’s team members: (from left to right) Ananth, Stephen, Kareem, Achutha, Dionis, Alex, Vance, Eryk.

The Yale Chess Club sent two teams to the Inter-Ivy Chess Championships in Columbia University on February 8. Both teams had modest ratings, and had to play up most rounds; nonetheless, Yale’s A team—Vance, Achutha, Alex, and Ananth—eventually fought its way to tie for first in the U1800 section and win some money!

Yale’s top scorers were Ananth and Vance, both with 2.5/4. Along the way, Vance managed to draw International Master Victor Shen as White. Shen played absentmindedly in the beginning, allowing Vance to steer the position into a symmetrical, equal endgame. Shen then pressed, advancing his bishop and queen into Vance’s territory, but lacking weaknesses to attack, eventually had to settle for a draw.

Be sure to check out our photos! For the full results, see the USCF website's records, though be warned: there are some serious mistakes in the results---some people's results are listed as 'X', and in some cases the wrong players/teams were matched up. Unfortunately, these errors have not been fixed, as of Feb. 25, 2014.