Tournaments, Fall 2013

Below is a quick summary of the main competitive tournaments the Chess Club is planning to attend this semester. We’re currently planning all the transportation, funding, and scheduling; so a rough head count will be extremely helpful. If you have any questions or even a tingling interest for any of these, please let Team Captain Achutha Raman know ( Alternatively, you may tell us through our contact form.

Please tell us:

  1. Your name.
  2. Which tournaments you may join.
  3. Your chess rating. Give your best guess if you don’t have one.
  4. A chess joke…or any other!

Team Tournaments

If there’s enough interest, we can hold additional practice sessions before team events. Our weekly training sessions, however, especially Thursdays at Bass, should be an excellent way to prepare.

  1. Eastern Team Championship, 10/19-10/20
    5 rounds; 1 or 2 day options available. At nearby Stamford, CT. Transportation will be at least partly subsidized.
  2. Yale-Harvard Match, 11/22 (during November break)
    1 round; G/60. Night before the Game! At Yale! We can field as many players as Harvard does– last year that was about 10.
  3. Pan-American Intercollegiate Championship, 12/27-12/30 (during Winter Break)
    6 rounds. In Texas this year, but travel and hotel costs will be subsidized. Can take several teams of 4 people.

Individual Tournaments

Although these are individual-based, we will be coordinating transportation for anyone interested, so please let us know early if you are interested!

  1. Greater New Haven Open, 11/9
    4 rounds; G/60. Contains separate sections for different levels of players.
  2. 4th Annual Hartford Open, 11/16-11/17
    5 round; G/60 for rounds 1-2, and 30/90 SD/1 for the rest. Separated into sections for different levels of players.
  3. Regular Tournaments at Local Chess Clubs
    Some people have expressed interest in more regular attendance at individual tournaments, and the very active Fairfield Chess Club is nearby. If anyone would be interested in such regular tournaments please let us know.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about anything above, or tournaments in general.