Simul with Robert Hess, 2013

Hess Simul 2013 YDN Recap

Recap of the event, from the YDN

Update: Thanks everyone for coming! This year, out of 50+ challengers, two won and one drew against Robert Hess. Not bad. Be sure to check out our photos!

Simul_2013Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Time: 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM
Location: Old Campus
Admission: Free
Food refreshments will be served!

Grandmaster Robert Hess (ES ’15) is one of the best chess players in the United States and is among the most competitive college players in the world. He has competed extensively in the international chess arena, defeating the likes of Grandmaster Larry Christiansen and U.S. Champion Hikaru Nakamura, and now he challenges you!

But don’t be discouraged — the odds are stacked against him. Hess will be playing 50 simultaneous games, of which yours will be only one. If you win, eternal fame and glory will be yours! If not… well, it was Robert Hess.

The event will begin at 1:30. Spots are guaranteed for the first 50 players, so come early!

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