Tournaments, Spring 2014

Below is a quick summary of the main competitive tournaments the Chess Club is planning to attend this semester. We’re currently planning all the transportation, funding, and scheduling; so a rough head count will be extremely helpful. If you have any interest, please let Team Captain Achutha Raman know ( Alternatively, you may tell us through our contact form.

Please tell us:

  1. Your name.
  2. Which tournaments you may join.
  3. Your chess rating. Give your best guess if you don’t have one.

Jan 24-26: Foxwoods Open

Held in nearby Foxwoods, CT; the entry fee for this individual tournament is somewhat high, but the event should be excellent. There should be strong players in every category, and substantial prize money. Several of us are considering playing and sharing hotel rooms to reduce costs. We’d love for you to join us!

Feb 8: Inter-Ivy League Chess Tournament

Held at Columbia University, this is a one-day team event. There will be 4 rounds, G45/d5, and it will be USCF-rated. The registration deadline for this tournament in particular is early, so please let me know by Monday, Jan 20 if you’re interested.

Feb 15-17: World Amateur Team & US Team East

A team event held in New Jersey that’s traditionally extremely well-run, and great fun, with numerous prizes. It is also one of the largest team tournaments in the world, with typically over 1000 players. Note that the tournament carries over to a Monday.

March 8: New Haven Championships

Held at the Hopkins School in New Haven, CT. A quick G/60 tournament with $1000 is guaranteed prizes.

March 14-16: Eastern Class Championships

Held in in Sturbridge, MA. A five-round 40/110, SD/30 tournament, with separate sections from Class E to Master. Projected $20,000 in prizes.

April 12-13: Ivy Collegiate Championship

Held in Fairfield, CT. Contact Captain Achutha Raman for more details.

April 16-20: Philadelphia Open

A large 40/2, SD/30 tournament with $80,000 in prizes. Open section is 9 rounds and 5 days; the others are 7 rounds with 2-4 day options.

Harvard-Yale Match, 2013

The Joel Benjamin Cup has finally returned to Yale! After drawing last year, Yale edged out Harvard in a close 3-2 victory this year, November 22. With only 55 minutes per player (+5 second delay) to make all their moves, all five games went down to the wire, with some games ending with mere seconds left on each player’s clock. And there was no mercy, as every game was decisive — GM Robert Hess, WIM Yuanling Yuan, and recent New Haven Open winner Josh Divine won their games, while experts Mitchel Powell and Alex Smolin came short. Thanks everyone for coming, and congratulations team! Be sure to check out our photos!

Josh Divine has kindly annotated and shared his win:

Full Results
Harvard Yale Result
NM Jake Miller (2222, 2074 FIDE) GM Robert Hess (2636, 2579 FIDE) 0-1
George Qi (2138, 2016 FIDE) WIM Yuanling Yuan (2095, 2210 FIDE) 0-1
Tony Blum (2068, 1921 FIDE) Mitchell Powell (2139, 1944 FIDE) 1-0
Vincent Nguyen (1955) Josh Divine (2046) 0-1
Joanne Koong (1963) Alex Smolin (2083P) 1-0
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Josh Divine Wins New Haven Open

Josh Divine, LAW ’16, won the open section of the Greater New Haven Open this year, held on November 9. He scored an undefeated 3.5/4.0, including a fine final round upset against the current New York State Champion, an 11 year old master who outrated Josh by 300 rating points, to clinch the $300 first prize.

The game, a complex English, is showcased below with Josh’s annotations. Congratulations Josh!

Eastern Team Championships, 2013

IMG_0132The Yale Chess Club sent three teams to compete in the Eastern Team Championships on October 18-20, in Stamford, Connecticut this year. In a crowded 35 team field, with 20 rated higher than Yale’s strongest, every one of our teams came away with a money prize–Bulldogs A and B each nabbed $200 for placing 2nd in the U1800 class, and Bulldogs C won $250 for placing 2nd in the U1600 class. Impressive performance! And a special congratulations to Melina Sanchez, who won $100 as the tournament’s best Alternate. For the full tournament results, click here. And be sure to check out our photos!