Harvard-Yale Match, 2013

The Joel Benjamin Cup has finally returned to Yale! After drawing last year, Yale edged out Harvard in a close 3-2 victory this year, November 22. With only 55 minutes per player (+5 second delay) to make all their moves, all five games went down to the wire, with some games ending with mere seconds left on each player’s clock. And there was no mercy, as every game was decisive — GM Robert Hess, WIM Yuanling Yuan, and recent New Haven Open winner Josh Divine won their games, while experts Mitchel Powell and Alex Smolin came short. Thanks everyone for coming, and congratulations team! Be sure to check out our photos!

Josh Divine has kindly annotated and shared his win:

Full Results
Harvard Yale Result
NM Jake Miller (2222, 2074 FIDE) GM Robert Hess (2636, 2579 FIDE) 0-1
George Qi (2138, 2016 FIDE) WIM Yuanling Yuan (2095, 2210 FIDE) 0-1
Tony Blum (2068, 1921 FIDE) Mitchell Powell (2139, 1944 FIDE) 1-0
Vincent Nguyen (1955) Josh Divine (2046) 0-1
Joanne Koong (1963) Alex Smolin (2083P) 1-0

Tomorrow, November 22, 2013, Harvard is coming to campus for the annual Harvard-Yale chess match. The clash will take place this Friday evening in HGS 217 and 220, starting at 7 pm. Representing Yale will be GM Robert Hess, WIM Yuanling Yuan, Mitchell Powell, Josh Divine, and Alex Smolin. Please join us for revelry and some exciting games, and pizza and snacks and drinks!